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About Us

Cheryl & Madi

Get your “Aprons On, People” is an encouraging call to action for those who would like to explore what we consider to be the BEST version of each recipe.

Here you will find recipes that our family loves, and we hope you find your favourites too! We’re so excited about building this resource for YOU – our lovely visitor. We hope that you try new things, and incorporate new flavours and ideas into your food.

Let’s begin our journey together.Mother and Daughter embrace

Our Story

Our story begins at home where we are always looking for the “BEST” version of recipes. We, of course, enjoy tasty & simple recipes and we want to share those with you – our reader. We hope you enjoy making these recipes alongside us, and that you will tag us in your posts so we can see what you’ve been cooking & baking.

Our Mission

To inspire, encourage and illustrate step-by-step recipes that are FLAVOURFUL and ACHIEVABLE by the home cook. These recipes will be compiled over time to create a large collection of the BEST version of WELL-LOVED FAMILY RECIPES for online access. 


A wife, a mother, a teacher, an entrepreneur. I love learning and growing and further developing the skills I have and identifying the skills I need to develop.

I grew up in a family of fantastic cooks – my Grandma who was a homemaker and farmer knew how to cook classic farm-style meals and was famous for her butter tarts. She loved to spend most of her time in the kitchen on the farm making sticky buns, pickles, cupcakes and candied carrots to name a few things. My Mom enjoyed cooking and baking, making preserves and well balanced meals. My Mom was a calorie counter, and I’ve adopted the mindset that I will choose a smaller, more flavourful bite than to overindulge and consume more than I should.

Here at, we’re working on developing big taste, and focusing on planning ahead to marinate foods, create big-flavour spice blends, use what we have in the pantry, freezer and fridge to reduce food waste. We’re also researching to build more awareness of the pathway from farm to table, and using seasonal produce, as we work towards creating the best version of our easy & tasty recipes.

Some of my favourite recipes include:

Greek Salad Ingredients

BEST Greek Salad

Finished image of Napa Cabbage Salad

Napa Cabbage Salad





A daughter, a sister, a student and athlete. There are many labels that I hold as well, but for this venture I am focusing on learning kitchen hacks, planning and cooking skills. Living away from home can come with some challenges, especially when it comes to meal planning and keeping a balanced diet. Being busy with sports and education shouldn’t be an excuse that is keeping you from learning in the kitchen and creating delicious meals that are quick, simple and healthy! I am working to create university/college friendly budget meals and ideas to keep things straightforward and achievable while I’m living away from home. I’m here to learn, grow and share alongside all of you!

Some of my favourite recipes include:

Double Tomato Brushchetta Bread

Double Tomato Brushcetta

Carrot & Parsnip Salad on a plate

Carrot & Parsnip Salad






We’re glad you’re here to join us!

All hands on deck here at!
Some of our recipes are inspired by island-living cottage life in Ontario…