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How to Write a Biography

Hi! I’m Cheryl. I’m so glad you’re here to learn more about

Objective: To include your education, skills and some of your story to connect with your audience and create an emotional and relatable connection.

A wife, a mother, a teacher by trade, and an entrepreneur.


If I were to take my undergrad all over again, I would pursue a business degree. I really enjoy learning more about the world of business, personal finance and the creative side of business – things like small business start ups and marketing. I love learning and growing and further developing the skills I have and identifying the skills I need to develop. I took a Bachelor of Science degree and worked in a couple of food/drink laboratories before taking formal teacher training. I went back to school when I was expecting our second child and launched my teaching career when our kids were young – our oldest was 4 years old and our youngest was 1 year old. I was exhausted and I’m so glad that those years are behind us!


I am building this blog alongside my business students to, in part, use it as a teaching tool. I have developed skills to support small business start ups, including locating rich resources for research required to pull crucial business insight and put it into an understandable and meaningful business plan.

Also, I am using this blog alongside my communication technology students to illustrate the utilization of skills they are developing primarily through the mastery of the Adobe suite of tools.

Relatable Connection

I grew up in a family of fantastic cooks – my maternal Grandma was a homemaker, grower and beef farmer knew how to cook classic farm-style meals and was famous for her butter tarts. She loved to spend most of her time in the kitchen on the farm making sticky buns, pickles, cupcakes and candied carrots to name a few things. My Mom enjoyed cooking and baking, making preserves and well-balanced meals. My Mom is a calorie counter, and I’ve adopted the mindset to choose smaller, more flavourful amounts than to overindulge and consume more than I should.

We’re working on developing recipes that deliver big taste, and focus on planning ahead to marinate foods, create big-flavour spice blends, use what we have in the pantry, freezer and fridge to reduce food waste. My daughter and I are now working together to create this collection of recipes that our family loves and are truly enjoying the community of food bloggers we belong to!

We hope you also enjoy this culinary adventure with us. xo