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Describe Your Product or Service

Objective: To describe product(s) or service(s) with key features and benefits to potential customers.

Product or ServiceFeaturesBenefits
Blog: Recipes & food ideasPictures with step-by-step instructionsTried and true recipes that will deliver results EVERY time   Easy-to-follow explanation   Accuracy   Consistent branding   Recipe ratings    
Blog & YouTube: Recipes & food ideasVideo recipe (less than 5 minutes) with instructions and text overlays
Blog: Recipes & food ideasPrintable recipe with detailed information including: -Explanation -Category -Cost -Prep time -Cook time -Serving size -Instructions
Instagram: Recipes & food ideasInstagram post – pictures and videos (teasers & IGTV formatted videos)Food/meal ideas on your social feed
Pinterest: Recipes & food ideasPinterest – pictures formatted for posts and links to website for full recipe detailsFood/meal ideas on your social feed (pinned & saved)
Facebook: Recipes & food ideasFacebook – pictures and videos of recipesFood/meal ideas on your social feed (liked & shared)
YouTube: Recipes & food ideasYouTube – video recipesFood/meal ideas on your social feed (like & subscribe)
Links to productsFavourite products and affiliate linksRecommendations for products enjoyed by our cooks