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4Ps of Marketing

Objective: To identify the 4Ps of the Marketing Mix – Product, Place, Price and Promotion.


Question: Describe your product(s), including how it functions, its design, image, appearance, packaging, labeling, warranties, service
and support.

Answer: My product is an online recipe book with step-by-step instructions, video tutorials and inspiration for readers/viewers. Most recent posts will be posted on the home page and each recipe has a dedicated page where
text, images and videos will guide the reader through the recipe steps to recreate the recipe.

The home page will be uniform in appearance with each recipe section page appearing like a Pinterest page with many variations and styles and colours – each with its own appeal.

Recipe posts will follow a specific outline with the outline:
E-A-T, Hook, Intro paragraph, Ingredients & image, Process shots & instructions, Recipe plugin, Alternates to recipe,
Call to action, Brands to tag.

A comment section is needed at the bottom of each recipe page for feedback and ratings.

Describe the product’s branding, including brand name(s), brand marks, trade names, trade characters, trademarks, logos, and corporate symbols.

The product’s branding for is one that incorporates the tagling… Get your!

The colours are green & yellow-gold. Green used makes people think about nature and growth, renewal and life. Green may also allow people to have a feeling of abundance, refreshment, peace, rest and security. Yellow and gold may generate feelings of optimism, clarity and warmth.

Explain how your product will be made available to customers and where it will be sold.

Question: Where can we find your business?

The blog:
Instagram: @ApronsOnPeople
Facebook: ApronsOn,People by Cheryl & Madi Stephenson
YouTube: Aprons On People
Pinterest: Aprons On, People!

Question: Describe channels of distribution and how they will help to foster market penetration.
Answer: These social media connection points will also be our channels of distribution. One other option that we will explore in the near future is

State your company’s pricing objectives and pricing strategy goals.

The pricing objectives will be determined when we become more established. For example, we can begin to work with Gourmet Ads when our page views reach 10000, Mediavine page views must reach 25000. Mediavine requires exclusive ad content that belongs to them. Other ad representation to explore are: SheMedia / BlogHer, CafeMedia /
AdThrive, Monumetric / The Blogger Network, Ezoic / Bloomads.

Google Analytics will verify traffic on site.
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Develop a pricing structure that takes into account fixed and variable costs, the competition, company objectives, proposed positioning strategies, the target market, and the consumer’s willingness to pay.
Describe the typical prices in the industry and how your business’s prices compare.
State whether you will accept checks, credit, debit cards or other forms of payment.


Explain the company’s promotional goals and promotional messages and how they will appeal to the target market.

Website goals – reach a minimum of 10000 page views per month
Ways to increase page views include working with communities I belong to Food Blogger Pro & Food Bloggers of
Media campaigns need food influencers and Food Bloggers of Canada can help connect businesses to bloggers.
Develop a pre-opening promotional plan to establish a positive image and promote interest.
We are building the basis of the website to create quality content that is recognizable by search engines and using
keywords to build the readability of each page.
Family and friends have been alerted to the project and we will start with our small base and build it out from there.
Detail the promotions to be used, such as advertising, publicity and public relations, sales promotion, personal selling,
direct mail and email.
Promotional opportunity is available through the different platforms we’re working with:
Website promotion – known in the communities we belong to and promoted by fellow bloggers
Instagram – paid opportunity for promotion
Facebook – paid opportunity for promotion
Pinterest – paid opportunity for promotion
YouTube –
Describe the specific marketing mediums the company will use to deliver the promotional message to the target market.
Include how often each will be used, what they will cost, why you chose them, and why they will appeal to the target
Instagram – You can expect that you will have to pay somewhere between 20 cents and $2 per click (CPC) on
an Instagram campaign. If you prefer to run your ads on a cost per mile (CPM) basis, focusing on impressions, then you
are likely to pay around $5 per 1,000 visitors on average
Facebook advertising costs can vary wildly, but it’s reasonable to expect a Facebook advertising cost of around $0.50
to $2.00 per click for most industries

Pinterest small to midsized businesses can expect to pay around 10 cents to $1.50 per click for Pinterest advertising.
The minimum bid for CPC campaigns is 10 cents.
Describe the marketing materials you will need, who will design them, how much they will cost and how they will be
designed to appeal to the target market.
Marketing materials include:
Logo design and development – Maxxwell Creations – $125
Mugs with logo and slogan (will be seen in the video segments) – $10.00 each
Aprons with logo and slogan (will be seen in pics and video) – $18.00 each
These marketing materials are all that will be needed for our online business. Other ideas include the creation of a
recipe book after we are well established.
Describe the sales team, the sales process, and the sales incentives the company will offer.
The sales team consists of two people:

Cheryl Madeline

Build website content:

  1. Pictures
  2. Videos
  3. Recipe writing
  4. Blog writing

Facebook page
Instagram posts Pinterest posts

Provide your media budget and detail the cost of marketing materials per prospect.
Provide examples of marketing materials.
Describe how you will evaluate the effectiveness of promotional strategies.
Explain how you will recruit, hire, and train the people and employees who will help you to achieve business success.